Thursday, April 27, 2006

Nickel Creek was awesome!

Suzy and I went to see Nickel Creek (see link on the right) in concert Tuesday night up in Gainesville, FL. We went with our son Michael, daughter Jennifer, and good friends Jonathan and Amanda from our church. Wow! is all I can say. This is my #1 favorite band out there today. We had great center-front seats (thanks to Sean Watkins of Nickel Creek - that's another story!).

Highlights from the concert:
  • Chris Thile (the mandolin player) played an unbelievable solo rendition of a 7-minute-long Bach piece.
  • Sara's voice and fiddle get better and stronger every time I see them in concert (this was my third time).
  • Sean was great as usual on guitar. He and Chris did some wonderful guitar-mandolin runs together all night long. They miked Sean's guitar better than the last 2 times I've seen them in concert.
  • We heard a good assortment of songs from all 3 Nickel Creek records. The one song I was hoping they would play but didn't was "Doubting Thomas" from the Why Should the Fire Die CD. I love that song.
  • They did more bluegrass than I was expecting, which was great. Especially in the encore set, when they performed a great cover of an old Jimmie Rodgers number.

If you don't know Nickel Creek music, you should. I suggest starting with their first CD, the self-titled one. Then get This Side (their 2nd CD), and finally Why Should the Fire Die (their most recent).

I can't wait for their next record!


James Sutton said...


I have their first album and love it. I'll have to go get their new stuff. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I was hoping you would post about this! Wish Ande and I had been there.