Wednesday, May 17, 2006


A lot of really frustrating things happened to me today. It started this morning when I got beat 15-1 in racquetball. Then, later in the morning, my son-in-law Scott called to tell me that the computer we gave him for his graduation wasn't working. It was a refurbished Toshiba laptop that we bought on eBay, and I said to myself, "We've been had." To my dismay, it appeared that the 30-day guarantee we had on the laptop had expired -- by one day. So then I spent a long, long time trying to contact the company that sold me the laptop, to no avail.

Later in the day I got a splitting headache. Then Suzy reminded me that I have to call a grout guy back because the regrouting job he had done on our shower was unacceptable...and I hate calling people back like that.

So this was the general tenor of my day...until I visited a member of our church who is in the hospital. She's 90 years old, and she'd been taken to the emergency room last weekend for a couple of different reasons. She had developed an infection, and there was a problem with a feeding tube. She had asked to be served the Lord's Supper. So I got an elder from our church to accompany me, and we took a little wine and a few pieces of unleavened bread to serve this woman communion.

We found her very frail and weak. Nevertheless, when she saw us she smiled and thanked us for coming to see her. In her very small but sweet voice she said, "Yes, I would love to take communion." She was obviously uncomfortable in her hospital bed. She had bruises several places on her body. I read Psalm 23, and words from the gospel of Matthew about Jesus' last supper with His disciples. My elder friend prayed, then handed her a small bit of bread, which she took and ate very slowly and gingerly. Then he placed the cup, which held a tiny amount of wine, to the lady's lips, and she drank. Then I closed in prayer. She looked at my elder friend and me and said, "Amen."

Suddenly my frustrations seemed very small and unimportant. I'd met with Jesus in this woman's hospital room, and saw Jesus in her face.

So it's turned out to be a very good day after all.

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