Saturday, May 06, 2006

My Top Ten pet peeves

OK, these are some of the things that drive me crazy:

Pet peeve #1 - At the top of my list is seeing people pick up dog poop when they're walking their dogs. I live in this development that insists that you pick up your dog's poop and put it in a plastic bag. That is RIDICULOUS!! Dogs are meant to poop on the grass, and people are not meant to pick it up. What, have we stooped that low??!! C'mon people -- if you're doing this, declare your superiority over animals and stop it!! It's good fertiziler for cryin' out loud!

OK, I feel better now, so I'll move on to . . .

Pet peeve #2 - A close second is junk mail (either the electronic or paper variety). Really, I don't get mail anymore. I just get junk.

Pet peeve #3 - A local Christian FM radio station. I kid you not, everytime I turn to this station I hear Steven Curtis Chapman. He's great and all that, but gee don't we have more creativity and variety to offer?!

Pet peeve #4 - "Christian" TV. I blogged about this before, so I won't make myself mad again just thinking about it.

Pet peeve #5 - Waiting in line. I'm getting worse about this as I get older. The worst place to wait in line is Wal-Mart, which is one reason I don't go there anymore. One thing that contributes to waiting in line is price checks. O, for the good ol' days when the cashier could just ask you, "Do you know how much this is?" and enter that price into the cash register.

Pet peeve #6 - TV commercials. One of the best inventions ever is DVR, or Tivo, or the other names it goes by. My wife and I love it when we can watch "24" or American Idol and just fly right through all those commercials!

And speaking of American Idol . . .

Pet peeve #7 - Paula Abdul.

Pet peeve #8 - Realizing that I have an oil leak in my engine, because I see all these little spots of oil on my driveway.

Pet peeve #9 - Losing one tennis shoe. Yes, that's right. Last week I actually packed ONE shoe into my gym bag and left the other one behind in the locker room. Did someone turn it in to the lost and found? No. Or did they leave it there so I could get it the next time I go to the gym? Of course not. By now it's in the land fill. So now I have to go buy another pair of $80 tennis shoes. AAARRGGGHH!

Pet peeve #10 - Paying $2.99 per gallon for gasoline . . . which I just did before sitting down to post this blog. Which probably explains the mood I'm in right now!!

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