Thursday, August 31, 2006

A happy day

Here are ten things I am very happy about today:

1) Andre Agassi beat Marcos Baghdatis in the U.S. Open. (Sometimes the old guys win.)
2) It's college football time again! Go Tigers.
3) I have a great group of guys in the Communication Lab that I'm teaching at Reformed Theological Seminary. I teach every Thursday afternoon.
4) I just talked on the phone with some of our best friends from a former church I used to pastor.
5) My wife got her certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) today. Way to go, Suzy!
6) The season debut of The Office is a day closer than it was yesterday (Sept. 21).
7) I heard from my 2 middle kids today - one by phone, the other by email. That always makes my day.
8) Suzy & I ate out at Smokey Bones BBQ tonight. Man, I love that place!
9) I'm encouraged about how God is at work in my church. The Spirit is moving in very obvious ways.
10) Tomorrow is September 1. Even though many hot days remain, I know that another Florida summer will eventually come to an end.

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Matt said...

I loved seeing his interview a few nights ago on ESPN. What a cool guy.