Monday, August 21, 2006

RUF is born!

Today was an exciting day because my pal Ande got ordained as a campus minister at the University of Central Florida! He'll be starting a chapter of Reformed University Fellowship, a really great Presbyterian ministry that is now on over 100 campuses in the US. The University of Central Florida had 45,000 students last year, and it's growing like a weed. What a great opportunity for the Kingdom as these students hear the gospel from Ande and get plugged into church!

If you can help Ande, he needs three things: One, your prayers. Two, your financial support. And three, the names of students you know at UCF who need spiritual nourishment and care.


Matthaeus Flexibilis said...

More accurately, Ande will be restarting RUF at UCF. As an alumnus of that organization in its first incarnation, I can attest to the profound effect it can have on our covenant kids at a major crossroad of life. RUF and its erstwhile part-time staff and volunteers at UCF helped me tremendously in my college years, and I strongly encourage you to support Ande financially, even if the amount is small, in order to continue that good work. RUF has a great philosophy of ministry and solid training for its ministers, and Ande is a good guy (muscular, too).

Mike said...

Right you are, Matt. Thanks.