Sunday, August 27, 2006


Well, Vision Awareness Sunday, the big event I blogged about a few days ago, happened this morning. It went great! We did a spoof about our church, using the story-line in It's a Wonderful Life. Everything came together in an amazing way. The old adage, "A bad rehearsal means a good performance," proved true . . . only I must say that in this case we never really had a good rehearsal! We had technical and other issues right up until showtime. But when the lights came down at 9:15 this morning, it was like God was in all the details. I don't think it could have gone any better. If you were one of the many who prayed for us, thank you! If you were one of the many who served in some way to pull this off, thank you also!

I love my church. We're far from perfect. We've got a long way to go, and we make a bunch of mistakes. But I really feel that our community is one that "gets" the gospel. Or, to be more accurate, we're "getting" the gospel. I guess we'll never fully "get" it 'til we're home.

Our senior pastor reminded us today to "get the gospel deeply" and "give the gospel generously." That's a great way to summarize the mission of the church. When the gospel message pervades a church's ministries and teaching, there is freedom. I love the freedom we at UPC have to cut up, and laugh at ourselves, and push the envelope, and even fail at times. Because it's not about us, or our buildings, or our programs. It's about Jesus, and His loving embrace of the unworthy and unwanted.

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russ said...

I am still amazed that God took our rag tag efforts and made it into such a great production. Glad to be a small part in it. Thanks for asking.