Sunday, August 20, 2006

World Trade Center

I saw Oliver Stone's new movie about 9/11, World Trade Center, yesterday. I went with low expectations. I'm not a fan of Stone, and based on the previews I expected the movie to be cheesy and manipulative. I was wrong. I loved it. It was amazing. Definitely a 5-star movie.

WTC is like no other Oliver Stone film. There was not one negative political comment; in fact, this one's a flag-waver. And there are a surprising number of religious symbols and references throughout, all positive. Yes, the movie brought back that sick feeling we all had while watching the news that fateful day. But it made me grateful for the brave men and women who died trying to save others, and it affirmed love of spouse, family, friends, and God.

In a striking scene, one of the police officers struggling to stay alive in the rubble has a vision of Jesus reaching out to him with a bottle of water. What a great illustration of Jesus' conversation with the Samaritan woman in John 4. As this police officer was helplessly buried under tons of concrete, so the Samaritan woman was trapped in her sin and unable to find her way out. Jesus offered her living water which would forever assuage her thirst.

Just from a technical point of view, World Trade Center is an incredible bit of filmmaking. Realistic, honest, disturbing, but inspiring, I recommend it highly.

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jason said...

i completely agree! i had no intentions of seeing it, but saw it anyway with some friends. what a great tribute it is to those two men and their families.