Monday, September 04, 2006

I'm now a (reluctant) Seminole

My son David started law school at Florida State University a few weeks ago. So I have a new loyalty now . . . sort of. See, all my life I've been a rabid Clemson Tiger fan. And I always will be. And when Clemson and FSU play football (they are both in the ACC), it's no contest -- I will of course pull for Clemson. But when the Seminoles play anybody else (like Miami, whom they're playing as I write this), I'm pulling for the Seminoles.

This is an adjustment for me because I was almost a confirmed Gator fan. We lived in Ocala, FL, for 5 years, which is just 40 miles away from UF. When we lived there I went to some Gator games. But one cannot be both a Gator and a Seminole.

So I'm a Seminole, at least while David is in law school.

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