Friday, September 15, 2006


I forgot to blog about something really important. I'm now the father-in-law of a fellow Presbyterian minister! My son-in-law Scott (Rebecca's husband) was ordained a few weeks ago. He is pastoring two different churches in Gulfport, Mississippi - Orange Grove Presbyterian and Handsboro Presbyterian. Both congregations were hard hit by Hurricane Katrina a year ago. Groups from all around the country have been coming in for months now and helping restore the church buildings and the houses of Gulfport residents. The manse that Rebecca & Scott will live in had to be completely gutted and basically rebuilt.

The top picture is that of Scott getting "robed" by his dad (another Presbyterian minister) during the ordination service. The other picture shows how much history the Handsboro congregation has.

I'm really proud that my kids love God and are building His kingdom. Prayin' for you, Scott.

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