Saturday, October 28, 2006

Ten things I like about the fall

Wearing long sleeve shirts
College football games (especially Clemson - go Tigers!)
No mowing the lawn for a few months
Fried turkey for Thanksgiving
Opening the windows at night
Halloween - despite its pagan roots, we like it!
Running, and not dying in the heat
Lower electricity bills
Getting an hour more sleep tonight
Two of my grandkids' birthdays - Tyler & Tate!


Anna said...

You have to wonder if there's anyone who doesn't like fall, you know? When I saw your title plus the pic of candy corn, I thought you were going to say you like candy corn, and I was going to say, "Me too!" Even though you can get it year round, I only allow myself to buy/eat it in the last 2 weeks of October, so it's special.

I do have to say I'm not a fan of the time change, though - you can't tell a young child to sleep in an hour later! :)

I found your sermon this morning applicable, Mike. Thanks.


Mike said...

Yes I too am a fan of candy corn!