Friday, January 05, 2007

A good theology podcast

I've been enjoying listening to daily podcasts called "The Narrow Mind," delivered by a pastor in California by the name of Gene Cook. He's a Reformed Baptist and does a great job of interacting with Arminians, Calvinists, Pentecostals, people from other traditions and even atheists.

Every Thursday is "Covenant Theology Thursday." Every Wednesday is "Atheistic Wednesday." Cook is funny, bright, well-informed and quite gracious with guests on the show who differ with him. He's also unapologetically Reformed and is direct and gutsy with people who are Pharisees and legalists - like one guest he had on the show last week. He's not a fan of Rick Warren, emerging church types, hyper-Calvinists, Joel Osteen, and others that are often admired among evangelicals.

It's very educational, if you like theological discussion, always entertaining and often hilarious. The website is There's a link to the podcast on it.


PaulF said...

Mike, thanks for recommending this site. I've just listened to two of his debates and they're really informative.

I wasn't too sure after listening to some of the opposing views that I would like it, but it ended up strengthening my faith even more. It's good stuff.

Maybe you should think about doing a debate format for explore! sometime. Just a thought.

Mike said...

Good idea.