Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I'm teaching a new class in my church on the spiritual disciplines. I talked about prayer this past Sunday. I'm sure prayer is the most talked about and least lived out of all the spiritual disciplines...maybe of any topic of Christianity!

I can talk about prayer, but honestly, I'm not a great pray-er. My mind wanders. I get impatient. It's hard for me to be still. I listen to my prayers and I'm bored with them. So I find a lot of help in praying the prayers other Christians down through the ages have written.

I'm thankful for books like Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers and Confessions. Another good book is Richard Foster's Prayers from the Heart. I like praying the words of hymns, of the Psalms, and of other Scripture passages.

Here's a prayer I like to pray. It is attributed to St. Patrick (A.D. 389-461):

“May the strength of God pilot us. May the power of God preserve us. May the wisdom of God instruct us. May the hand of God protect us. May the way of God direct us. May the shield of God defend us. May the host of God guard us against the snares of the evil one and the temptations of the world. May Christ be with us. Christ before us. Christ in us. Christ over us. May thy salvation, O Lord, be always ours this day and for evermore. Amen.”


Rinnie said...

Thanks for sharing that prayer, Mike. I think I'll pray that for myself & others.

AIMEE said...

I am reading a Dallas Willard book from the library..."The Great Omission" and just this morning I was pondering the different spiritual disciplines. Thanks for this post on prayer!