Saturday, March 24, 2007

Dangerous Freedom conference

Our church had a conference for men this weekend, called "Dangerous Freedom." I liked it a lot. There were a lot of reminders for me of basic gospel truths. Basic yes, but essential if I'm going to live like a child of God rather than an orphan.

Our speaker, Pete Alwinson, reminded us that if we lose sight of the gospel we can find ourselves living in all sorts of "prisons." That's a message for every Christian, not just men. Thanks to Christ, we are "imprisoned no more" (the phrase imprinted on wrist bands we gave every man at the conference).

I find myself in the prison of shame sometimes. It keeps me from believing that I'm accepted by God. I love one thing Pete said about that. He reminded us that even if we never get any better, it's OK because we're thoroughly loved by God. And then Pete said that it's only the people who know that who get better. A paradox, but it's true.

What prison do you find yourself in at times?

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orangejack said...

According to the profile I'm in the prison of the past.