Saturday, March 31, 2007

T-Ball Tyler

As I write this I'm in Mississippi visiting my daughter Rebecca, son-in-law Scott, and (until my other kids have kids) the greatest of all grandchildren! Today I went to watch Tyler (age 5) practice with her t-ball team. They are called the Little Mermaids. It's 15 little girls ages 5 and 6, and Scott is their coach. Here are a couple of pictures of Tyler in her brand new uniform. See her glove? It's pink and it lights up!

Tyler hit a couple of good grounders. She was also the catcher during the team scrimmage and sustained her first t-ball injury... another kid came up close to her and threw the ball fast right at Tyler without warning. It hit her in the stomach. Grrr! But Tyler bounced back real fast and finished the practice with courage. We celebrated with a Happy Meal.

It was fun watching all those little girls run haphazardly all over the place whenever a ball was hit. One girl ran from second base to home plate without rounding third. Anytime someone hit the ball they just stood there until one of the parents yelled "RUN!! RUN!!" One parent was going nuts yelling over and over, "That's my girl!" as loud as he could. Later Scott said he thought that guy looked like he'd been drinking. So the kids weren't the only thing that was fun to watch!

But, all in all, it was a proud time to be a grandparent.


Jill said...

That's really fun! She is so cute! What a crack-up that they are named the Little Mermaids. I love it!

Mike said...

Yeah, Tyler thought up the team name, and since her daddy is the coach - well, she got her wish!