Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Try the Onion

You may not know about a really funny (if irreverent) website. It's The Onion: America's Finest News Source. Check it out for a few laughs when you're in a silly mood.

Here's one of the funny headlines from a few weeks ago: "Bush Cuts Off Diplomatic Relations with Congress."


Jill said...

Very interesting site. I am a bit disturbed by a story today entitled "Actress' Abortion Written Into TV Show". Apparently it is a comedy show and they are changing the script to include this actress' real-life situation in the show. I can't quite figure out how they can possibly find anything funny out of the situation. In fact, the producer is quoted as saying, "Our show does a lot of quiet, observational humor, and I think anyone who's had an abortion would be hard-pressed not to relate to, and get a chuckle out of, Trish's situation." What?!

Mike said...

Jill, you're totally right of course; there is nothing funny about abortion. When you read Onion stories, keep in mind that they aren't true. It's all made up. It's a sarcastic look at news. That's their angle. There is no CBS prime-time comedy called "Same Difference." Read all the other headlines and you'll see they're all tongue in cheek.

The problem with this story, however, is that you can't laugh at it, no matter how funny they are trying to be, because abortion is not funny under any circumstance.

Jill said...

OK...I don't get it. So, what do you mean they are not true? Is that show not really true or is The Onion's take on the situation not really true? So does that mean their quotes from the producers aren't true either?
Guess I am much too naive for a site like this one. :-) As you saw from our catch phrase game last night, I am pretty simplistic and literal in my thinking.

Jill said...

By the way, I am totally laughing at myself right now. :-)

Mike said...

Nothing's true. The stories aren't true, and their take on the stories is all meant to be comedy. It's a bunch of writers who have nothing better to do than make up stories. For example, do you really think that "Hillary Clinton Tries to Woo Voters by Rescinding Candidacy"?!!

Mike said...

I'm laughing, too...with you, not at you.

Matthaeus Flexibilis said...

One of my favorite pseudo-stories was their "Report: TV Helps Build Valuable Looking Skills", which discusses a supposed NYU study of American's "looking skills" (viz., looking, staring, and slack-jawed gazing).

Another good article: "Executive Quits Fast Track to Spend More Time with Posessions".

And for Wikipedia fans: "Wikipedia Celebrates 750 Years Of American Independence: Founding Fathers, Patriots, Mr. T. Honored" is certainly chuckle-inducing.

Erik said...

The nature and format of the Onion has caused confusion around the globe. In 2002, a newspaper in China reprinted an article from the Onion not realizing it's not a legitimate news source . http://www.wired.com/news/culture/0,1284,53048,00.html

Some of my favorite headlines include:


Hamburglar Urges Senate Subcommittee To 'Robble Robble Robble'

134-Year-Old Man Attributes Longevity To Typographical Error

Pepsi CEO's Wife Buys Coke When She's Mad At Him


Office Janitor Asks To Work From Home

Anna said...

Oh, I love The Onion! I found it in college. Those headlines Erik posted are hilarious!

W. Scott Williams said...

The Onion is one of my favorites of all time! Yes it seems confusing unless you know it's all satire. They even have an 'Onion News Break' on the radio from time to time. Hilarious.