Friday, April 13, 2007

Exciting days for Michael!

My son Michael (the 4th of our four kids) is almost a college student! Yesterday he came home from school with his graduation cap & gown and his graduation announcements in hand. So my wife and I ooh'd and ahh'd over those things, remembering how exciting the final weeks of high school were for us (many years ago!).

And then today I went out with Michael to help him shop for his combination birthday/graduation present...a laptop computer. He needs one for FSU next fall. We got a good deal on a Gateway notebook at Best Buy.

When he walked out of the store with his new laptop, I thought - "It's really little boy is a man and he's about to leave home for college!!"

I am so proud of Michael. He has been a leader at school and church, and a delight to have in our family. He is talented, sensitive, serious about his faith but able to be really funny and have a good time. One of the many things I admire about him is his ability to relate to all types of people. He knows how to be a witness for Christ without being exclusive and intimidated by people who are different from him. He and I have several things in common: we are both introverted, we like a lot of the same classic rock bands, and we laugh at most of the same things. We both also really like pot roast.

Way to go, Michael!


Paul said...

Wow, it's graduation time already. What a great post about you and Michael. I am so proud of him and happy for you and Suzy.

James said...

I can't believe Michael is nearly in college. Congrats!!!

jason said...

what a stud.

Pam said...

Can it be true that the Junior High boy has turned into a college man? Wow! Where has time gone?

Anna said...


I like how you named your last son after you. I'm assuming you originally didn't intend to name a child after you, since you didn't do it with your first son. So what changed your mind? In any case, I think it's a neat way to do things.

Mike said...

True, I didn't really want a "junior" in the family, and in fact Michael has only one of my names. His first name is actually that of his maternal grandfather, James. But when Michael was born we knew he would be our last child and by that time I wanted another Michael in the family.