Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Movie wasteland

Anyone seen a good movie lately? Seems like I haven't seen a good one in the longest time.


James said...


Shooter was a lot of fun. The ending was kind-of dumb. I had high hopes for 300, and it was okay.

I really want to see Grind House. I expect it to be just awful from a moral perspective, but it's gotten good critical reviews. Plus it's the only movie I've ever heard of where there's a character with a machine gun for a leg. Can't go wrong there. ;)

I know what you're saying though ... I commented to my wife recently that there hasn't been an earth-shattering good epic movie for a long time. Those are the ones I like -- the epic movies.

Where are the Lord of the Rings, the Matrixes (not the sequels), the Bravehearts? How long, O Lord will you cause us to wander in the land of cheesy remakes and poorly produced sequels?

It's disgusting but I've actually had to turn to TV shows like Heroes, Lost, or 24. TV seems really good these days while the big screen seems to be stinkin' it up.

Do you think this feeling of absence is a new calling for you Mike? God is obviously stirring something within you. Perhaps He wants you to ditch the whole church-gig and get into film making. With Michael graduating and heading off to FSU maybe it's time for you and Suzy to make the movie to Hollywood (California, not Florida).

or...maybe God still wants you to be a pastor. You're pretty good at that.

Anna said...


Matt and I recently watched Bobby on DVD - it's a star-studded award-winning flick about unrelated people's lives on the day of the assassination of RFK. Being educated in the public school and never having gotten further than WWII in history class, it piqued my interest and made me want to read about RFK. So I did.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the dragon movie, "Eragon"? It was like LOTR and Star Wars, except not as good or as exciting, or worth the time.

I hear the OC Public Library will deliver books directly to your door. I guess its time for me to find out.

The Williams Family said...

Get ready for Pirates of the Caribbean's coming in May! That's my favorite movie sequel these days and I know Scott & I are looking forward to this next one!

Lindsey said...

Have you seen Bobby yet? I rented it the other day. It was SO good. I'm guessing you would appreciate it more being from that generation. It is for rent exclusivly at Blockbuster.

Ande said...

Blades of Glory was the heart warming movie of the year! I do think it was some sort of comedy though?

James said...


You WOULD find Blades of Glory heart warming. You probably identified with the athletic aspects of the film.

Did you cry, dude? It's okay ... let it out.

Mike said...

Thanks for all the good suggestions. I'll check 'em out.