Sunday, May 20, 2007

Thankful for Florida

I'm sorry to say that I complain about our state sometimes. But wow, this spring has been an exceptionally beautiful one for us in Orlando, hasn't it! I often get up early and sit on our back porch to enjoy the cool morning air, pray, and watch the wonders of nature unfold around me.

In a few weeks when it's another hot and humid June, I'll need to remember these days.


Jill said...

I agree...I love Florida. Even when it is hot and humid here, I think about how it is hot in other parts of the country too and yet we don't have to deal with the cold winters (and they do)!

Paul said...

It is pretty great there, but I am loving Alabama right now. Mountains speak to me more than the flatness of FL, though I will say that it is a beautiful place. I would probably love your back porch.