Friday, June 08, 2007

FSU Orientation reflections

Earlier this week my wife and I accompanied our son to his orientation at Florida State University. It was a 2-day thing, mostly talks by various campus reps. It was well done. I appreciated the parent-friendly tone.

Some thoughts I thunk as a parent during my son's orientation:
  • The current emphasis on students' privacy rights was unheard of when I went off to college. I find it annoying and a little disturbing. But I'm glad to say that FSU at least says they want parents to be involved and in the know about what their students are into.
  • Dining hall food is pretty much as bad today as it was when I was in college.
  • But it's amazing to me that FSU students can go to Einstein Bagels, Chili's, Quizno's, Hardees, and a number of other eating places on campus instead of the dining hall. Call it Food Court U.
  • A word heard more times than necessary: "Diversity"
  • A sign I saw tacked up on the student activities board: "Full Moon Skinny-Dipping Friday Night." Oh boy. Time to start praying.
  • I think I figured out how to get around in Tallahassee.
  • Student orientation leaders are all the same no matter what college you're talking about.
  • Most impressive speaker: the woman who heads up the FSU Counseling Center.
  • Worst speaker: the man who heads up Financial Aid. He was no help.
  • Date my first check is due for Michael's room and board: July 1. Oh boy. Time to start praying.


Dan Fitts said...


Oh.. I think that flyer for skinny dipping has been up at FSU since I was a student in the mid 90's!

No worries! : )

I do recommend you attend at least 1 FSU home football game. There is nothing like 80,000 people in one place.


Mike said...

I'm absolutely planning to make a few home football games.'s going to take me a while to forget what it's like to see Clemson play at Death Valley!