Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ocean's 13

Suzy & I saw Ocean's 13 a few days ago. It was a good movie. Nothing special, but fun. Better than Ocean's 12, that's for sure. I liked the way the bright colors and other camera techniques gave a sense of nostalgia for movies of the 1960s. Al Pacino was a good addition. There were a few moments of suspense, when we thought the guys were going to get caught red-handed. But of course, they had the whole thing planned just right.

I think what people find appealing about these Ocean movies is that we all want to control and manipulate life's variables so that we reach our goals, stay out of trouble, make the bad guys pay, and all that. We all want to be the masters of our fate, to pull all the right strings, to come out on top. These guys make it look soooo easy, and we like watching them beat the odds.

The trouble is, life is beyond our control. God is God, and we are not.

Hebrews 2:5-7 talks about how God has put everything under our feet. He made us a little lower than the angels, and crowned us with glory and honor. But the reality of life in a fallen world is that "at present we do not see everything subject to [us]" (Hebrews 2:8). People and events resist our manipulation. The dice do not always fall in our favor. Our best-laid plans fall apart. Unpredictables happen all the time.

"But we do see Jesus" (Hebrews 2:9). He's the one constant in a world filled with change, pain, and failure. Over all of life Jesus reigns. So our anchor in this crazy world is not our clever planning or our intelligence or our friends. Those things got Ocean and his buddies what they wanted, but they don't work in the real world.


James said...

I love it when you post about movies.

I agree with you whole-heartedly on this one. Good movie ... better than 12, maybe not quite as good as 11. I also liked the throwback camera shots.

I don't know about control ... but I always walk out of those movies wishing I could be half as cool as those guys.

You're right, they can pretty much do anything. I mean they get one drill that dug the chunnel, it breaks, and so they simply get the OTHER drill that drilled from the France side. And nobody (police, sanitation officials, etc) even asks what they're doing with this huge freakin' drill!! Ha!

Here's a challenge for you: Pick up the phone and just try to talk to someone who knows where one of those drills resides. It's probably in a museum somewhere.

Jason Howell said...

On the control issues I guess that is why the actors in real life can have such a hard time. In the script they almost always get what they want - the girl, the money, win the race or game. But in their real like it works a little differently. At least most of the time.