Thursday, June 07, 2007

Vacation over

I haven't been posting anything because my family and I spent a week at the beach last week. We stayed in two condos at Amelia Island Plantation. We had a great time! God blessed us with perfect weather every day of the week. It was sunny and mild. It didn't rain until Saturday morning when we were trying to pack up and leave for home...and then it rained like crazy, thanks to the tropical storm that blew through the area that morning.

On Friday, we all gathered on the beach for a family picture. Left to right: our son David & his wife Lindsay; me; my bride Suzy; our daughter Jennifer and her husband Tim; our daughter Rebecca holding grandson Tate; Rebecca's husband Scott with grandkids Tyler & Eben; and son Michael. Missing from the picture is my mother-in-law Nell who couldn't join us on the beach.

We try to get away together as a family once a year. Last year it was skiing in the Catskills. The year before that it was a week at Crescent Beach when Jennifer got married.

One of the things I most enjoyed this year was that each night, a different couple or group was responsible for the family meal. I haven't eaten so well in months! Sunday night Jennifer & Tim made kebobs. Monday night Rebecca & Scott made fajitas. Tuesday night David & Lindsay made an Italian dish with a name I can't remember. Wednesday night was Suzy's and my night; we grilled hamburgers. Thursday night was ladies' night; they made up a huge salad with all kinds of stuff in it. And Friday night was guys' night; we had steamed shrimp. It's hard to say which meal was best!

Some highlights of the week:
  • Most fun activity of the week: body-surfing
  • Most fun game played: Catch Phrase
  • Biggest surprise: It cost $20 to rent two beach chairs and an umbrella!
  • Least friendly person we met: the woman in whose private parking space we parked one day
  • Best read: Mere Christianity
  • Grossest activity: picking up garbage after raccoons got into the trash cans outside
  • Grocery store of the week: Harris Teeter (what a name)
  • Worst restaurant experience: the "Happy Tomato" in Fernandina Beach (inappropriately named)
  • Best time with my wife: riding bikes around Amelia Island
  • Biggest pizza ever: we got a pizza delivered for lunch on Sunday...I figure it had to be 3' by 3' square at least (see picture)


The Williams Family said...

Great family photo, Mike! ~Becky

Jill said...

That is a great picture.
I love your list of highlights from the week. Sounds like you all had a great time!
Question - was the biggest pizza ever, the best pizza ever? :-)

Mike said...

Yes, absolutely. It was HUGE!