Thursday, July 05, 2007


As I've often said, Phil Keaggy is my favorite Christian songwriter/performer. He's one who has stayed the course for several decades as a faithful believer, family man, guitar virtuoso, and inventor of new things musical. He's an animal when it comes to putting out new records and touring.

I haven't enjoyed his more recent offerings all that much, but today while driving downtown I played some of my favorite Keaggy numbers on my iPod. I have just about everything he's ever recorded. Listening to him put me into a Keaggy frame of mind.

My favorite Phil Keaggy albums:
  1. Crimson & Blue
  2. Way Back Home
  3. Sunday's Child
  4. Find Me in These Fields
  5. Back to Nature
  6. Acoustic Sketches I
Below is a picture of Phil with his hero, Paul McCartney. I did not know the two ever met. In some of his songs, Phil comes closer than anyone I know to matching the sound and style of the Beatles...which is one reason I like him so much!

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