Wednesday, July 11, 2007

UPC motto, continued

A while back I posted, for interested readers, the early thoughts of my church's Congregational Life Team about a new church motto. The comments and feedback we've received since that time have been most helpful. So I thought I'd follow up that earlier post with an update. Again, I welcome your insights and comments, as this is a work in progress.

We think now that we'll stay with our old slogan, "Transforming Lives in a Changing World." That slogan has guided our church's mission for 16 years, and it still communicates well. But, like I said before, we need to make more clear to people what transformation really looks like, or how it happens. So we are proposing the following:

UPC's mission
  • Transforming Lives in a Changing World
UPC's strategy
  • Knowing God
  • Growing Together
  • Serving Others
You might be saying, "Big deal. We've rolled out slogans and models and approaches before. What makes this one different?" My answer is that this one is simple and clear. If we adopt this 3-point strategy (or something like it), our church will be able to offer a more concrete process for spiritual growth. We will also have a way to integrate our ministries and a tool to measure our effectiveness. Our plan would be to communicate everything we do in terms of this strategy. The worship folder, signs and posters in the church, ministry plans, and other materials would reinforce the words of this strategy. I would use the strategy to guide my sermon planning too.

We want those who attend UPC to understand why we do what we do, how things fit together, what they can expect to experience at our church, and how they can grow more mature in Christ. We believe this statement of mission and strategy will help.

Your reactions?


Matthaeus Flexibilis said...

I think that's a good plan. The bullet points explicate the motto by laying out how are we transforming lives in a changing world.

Rinnie said...

I'm glad we're staying with "transforming lives in a changing world" - I feel like it's unique and not so "churchy."

Anna said...

I agree with both Rinnie and Matt. I like our current motto's originality, and I like how the bullet points show perspicuously how we strive to do that.

James said...

I'm with everyone else. Sounds like you've got a winner, Mike.