Friday, September 21, 2007

Bible reading

I should have posted this a few days ago to give you more time to respond, but...I'll go ahead and ask. I'm preaching Sunday on the importance of Bible reading. It would help me if a few of you would answer this question:

What obstacles do you encounter when it comes to having a regular, meaningful, and satisfying Bible reading discipline?

I can imagine some of the obstacles. "Kids" would rank way up pretty high on some lists, I'm sure. But what else?

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karin said...

Wow, I was just talking about this last night with Andrea, so I'm glad you posted.

A big obstacle for me is simply time to read the Bible in the midst of other devotionals. I have a very short daily devotional I read and generally do some sort of workbook Bible study (which, as we all know, is more workbook and commentary and less Bible) that I simply run out of time to read the Bible as well, even though my desire is to really meditate and spend time in God's Word.

I'm a reader, so you'd think Bible study would come very naturally to me, but the reality is that the Bible is a book that you never finish reading. I simply don't know what to do with that. In one sense, I don't even want to pick it back up again because I know I'll never be finished reading it, but in another sense, I'm grateful that it's more than a book. It's God's Word -- alive and active in me.

Finally, another obstacle is that I don't know how to meditate. School has taught me how to study, how to exegete a passage, even how to pick apart the nuances in Greek and Hebrew....but meditating is harder than anything else because my academic tendency is to revert back to those well-worn paths.

I'm looking forward to your sermon. This is definitely an area that I am wanting to grow in.....