Thursday, September 27, 2007


If you're one of the people who check out my blog from time to time, you've noticed how much less I'm posting these days. Since taking over the "interim" role at my church, life has gotten way more unpredictable and busy. It's made me appreciate Jesus more, as I read about his rather leisurely pace in spite of the fact that he had such a limited amount of time to do his earthly work.

When I'm pressed for time, I pick up the pace. I skip quiet time and race here and there, desperately trying to squeeze all my duties into the day. Not so, Jesus. Like in Luke 6:12 it says, "One of those days Jesus went out to a mountainside to pray, and spent the night praying to God."

One of my favorite books is The Contemplative Pastor, by Eugene Peterson. It's very convicting. The title itself seems to raise the bar to an impossibly high level. But I do aspire to be a contemplative pastor. Peterson, a pastor himself, poses a very good question: "How can I persuade a person to live by faith and not by works if I have to juggle my schedule constantly to make everything fit into place?" He goes on to say bluntly,

The word busy is the symptom not of commitment but of betrayal. It is not devotion but defection. The adjective busy set as a modifier to pastor should sound to our ears like adulterous to characterize a wife or embezzling to describe a banker. It is an outrageous scandal, a blasphemous affront.

So if you think of me, pray that I will increasingly become an un-busy pastor. If Jesus needed time to think, pray, muse, rest, and connect with God and other human beings, how much more do I!


jason said...

hey mike, great thoughts. praying for you all and trust that God is using you in a big way over there.

Joan said...


I do pray for you everyday and thank God that you are my pastor. This is a great blog and obviously you are working toward a great goal that we could all strive for.