Sunday, September 09, 2007

Vision Awareness Sunday

Today was Vision Awareness Sunday at our church. It's one of the "big deals" that we have every year about this time. Even though it exhausts me, I love it.

Today's production was a parody of Lord of the Rings mixed with a little Wizard of Oz and Pirates of the Caribbean. Here are just some of the things I liked about this year's Vision Awareness blow-out:
  • Clay sounded just like Gollum and was a lot funnier. He's quite the talent.
  • Matt....where did THAT accent come from? It was hilarious!
  • Brent V. deserves a studio contract. He's a great actor.
  • Karin also! Great stage presence.
  • Erik has a great pirate "AARRGGHH!!"
  • Fiona our narrator. She could say anything and sound brilliant. Which is one of her favorite words.
  • Loved the volcano!
  • Brent L. is one of the funniest guys I've ever met. He needs to make a movie.
  • Jonathan and the band were ON...especially for "Waiting for the World to Change."
  • Jason R. - the new UPC guitar god.
  • We have a great sound/media crew...they make everybody look good.
  • The Congregational Life Team worked so hard during the summer to get everything ready for the big day. What a great pleasure to work with them.
Today's production will be hard to top next year!

I'm glad to be part of a church where we can do things like this.

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Jill said...

Everyone did a great job! Brent really is so creative and funny!
Thanks for casting the vision so well for us! Looking forward to seeing how it all plays out. Thanks for all you're doing!