Monday, November 12, 2007

Silly cat

These are some recent pictures of our cat Cleopatra. Suzy and I borrowed a "Cat Sitter" DVD and thought it would be fun to see Cleo's reaction to it. You can see that she loved it. It's just one long video of mice, gerbils, birds, and cats, complete with sounds. Cleo was transfixed by it.

The third picture shows Cleo with a plastic thing around her neck. We had to take her to the vet yesterday because the incision from her spaying the week before came undone (!) and was getting infected. Yuck! The plastic thing keeps her from licking her wound. Yiiiickk!!


Erik said...

Is there a "Baby Sitter" DVD in the fine line of "Cat Sitter" products?

No reason.

Anonymous said...

Your cat is pretty cute! I got to see her last week when I stopped by the house!