Tuesday, January 22, 2008


My wife and I saw Cloverfield last night. If you want to see a thoroughly engrossing, exhausting, and just plain fun movie, this is it. We really loved it!

The "live action" feel of the movie using the Blair Witch video-cam technique really made the film work for me. I don't think it would have been near as good a movie without that, just because we've all seen tons of scary movies with plots like this one. But with the first-person perspective, it was a real nail-biter. The acting was great, the special effects were great, the gradual disclosure of the crisis facing Manhattan was great.

And the ending was great, too! I won't say any more than that about that.

Besides the above, I loved how Rob, the main male character, illustrated the love of Christ, who doesn't cease to pursue his wayward, helpless Bride.


Stephens said...

Glad you are blogging once again. Thought we had lost you to facebook forever.

We do enjoy reading what you have to report! You definately offer a variety which is great.

Joan and Lou

Anonymous said...

From the beginning, this movie grabbed you and made you feel just like you were experiencing what the characters were experiencing! However, unfortunately, I was one of the ones who got motion sickness just barely into it and had to close my eyes from the point that they entered the subway tunnel to the end of the movie to avoid throwing up! It felt just like one of those simulator rides at the theme parks that I can't handle either. From the sound of it, the movie was very scarey and intense and occasionally, Jeff would poke me when the camera stood still so I could take a peek at the crucial moments, but, mostly, I just listened and tried to figure out what was happening! Jeff, however, loved it and the hand-held camera technique worked for him. Go see it, but be warned if you suffer from motion sickness! mwp

Mike said...

Sorry you had such a rough experience, Miriam! Seems like I should have been affected the same way, but somehow I managed to get through it just fine.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the queasiness had more to do with the popcorn than the movie?! :-) mwp