Monday, January 14, 2008

I finally got one!

I know . . . what I'm about to say qualifies me as a total nerd. But this was a red letter day in the life of Mike.

For several years, I've been collecting state quarters in one of those coin folders that nerdy people use for their coin collections. I've collected all of them up through the 2007 Idaho quarter. Except, until today, I had never been able to find a Wisconsin "D" quarter -- "D" being the letter stamped on the front side indicating it was minted in Denver rather than Philadelphia ("P"). I understand these are pretty rare. Plus collectors like to to hoard them because there are some Wisconsin "D" quarters that have a flaw on them which makes them more valuable.

Anyway, I went to Lowe's to get some fertilizer, and instead of paying for it with my debit card like I usually do, I used cash. And lo and behold, I noticed in the change a Wisconsin "D" quarter! So I gleefully took it home and put it in my nerdy "Fifty State Commemorative Quarter Folder."

A happy man am I!


Mark Bates said...

I am happy for you getting a quarter (worried about you, but happy nonetheless).

Mike said...

Well, Mark, you's kinda boring around here these days. I have to find SOMETHING to do, after all.

One Survivor to Another said...

Isn't that quarter thing amazing? I am current as well and can only imagine how thrilled you were. Enjoyed visiting your site.

Castleman Family said...

Just a couple days ago Scott asked me if you'd ever found the few you were missing - I guess you have!

The Williams Zoo Crew Monkeys...Sierra, Chandler, and Amanda (Becky & Scott, too) said...

Hey, you know that's funny you wrote about this because our daughter, Sierra, just last night got out her big book of collectible quarters from all 50 states that she was given years ago as a toddler (I think). We have almost totally forgotten about it until last night and then I remembered we had one. It's the one where they've been issuing quarters for each state over the past 10 years. We put some of the newer quarters in there from more recent states that have come out with their own quarter and she was proud to take the big book to school this morning so that she could share it over the TV announcements at's that for nerdy? LOL!!!! ~Becky

Karen said...

Mike, i have the same quarter collector folder (although, I'm sure they won't be valuable as you are "suppposed" to save untouched money, according to Chris' brother).