Saturday, April 26, 2008

Go Magic!

For a guy who never watches NBA, I'm having fun watching the home team do well in the playoffs! It's now 3-1 against Toronto. Woo-hoo!! This may be what I need to (finally) become a fan.


Matthaeus Flexibilis said...

I don't follow the Magic because basketball is boring to me. Play monotonously ping-pongs back and forth, back and forth, ad nauseam with very little variation. ("Orlando gets the ball, shoots, scores! Toronto takes the ball, shoots, scores!" Repeat.) The scores are usually pretty close all through the game, and the whole thing comes down to the last five minutes when one team may develop a spurt of well-timed momentum or get lucky and edge out the other team at the right time. If they reduced basketball games to five minutes each, it might hold my interest.

Football and soccer suffer from similar deficiencies, but at least they offer a little more variety in their game play. On the other hand, baseball, which I also don't follow any more, allows one team to keep control and build momentum as long as they don't blow it.

[HT: My view on this matter is dependent on but not identical to that in an old column by Doug Jones: "Baseball's Glorious Uniqueness" (scroll down required).]

Johnny said...

It has been a really good series. I am excited for the next round because with how Orlando did this year, they definitely should get out of the first round. Getting out of the second round alive will be a much bigger challenge. This is a good year to watch the NBA. I have been an NBA fan since 94/95 and this is far and away the most exciting season and exciting playoffs ever. For me, the last time it was this exciting was watching the Bulls go for their 2nd set of championships. Game 4 tonight! Go Magic!