Saturday, August 16, 2008


I don't usually go around telling people I read People magazine (actually, my wife does... I just kind of glance at it, you know, when she's not reading it. So that's OK. I'm not culpable, just an innocent bystander).

But this week's issue has a wonderful article about how Steven Curtis Chapman and his family have been dealing with the tragic loss of their youngest child Maria back in May. I was moved by their honest words in the interview and the strong bond they have both with each other and with Christ.

What especially moved me was the story about the drawing Maria had been working on just prior to her death. It's a picture of a flower with six petals - apparently one petal for each Chapman. Only one of the petals was colored in. Steven says in the interview,

"She had drawn a flower with six petals with only one colored in, and she had written the word 'see.' And I knew God was there. We really believe that Maria's petal was colored in for a reason - that she is the most alive of us all. We kind of feel like we have these little bread crumbs left by God and Maria, things that mark the trail and say, 'Keep going. You're going in the right direction.'"

The article goes on to say that Steven's wife Mary Beth had the drawing tattooed on her wrist. The one colored petal represents Maria. Beside the picture on Mary Beth's wrist is the one word "see."

Perhaps Maria's drawing with the mysterious word beside it is a message for all of us. I think one of our hardest but most important callings as Christians is simply to SEE. We have to remember to "see" spiritual realities when tempted to focus only on the junk of this world. We have to remember to "see" people around us as the image of God instead of as interruptions and annoyances. And especially we have to remember to "see" Jesus now crowned with glory and honor (Hebrews 2:9), instead of growing weary with suffering.

What do you "see" in Maria's drawing?

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Christine said...

What an AMAZING testimony!!