Friday, November 07, 2008


I write this post in honor of Lou, a deacon in my church. He died this past Wednesday at the age of 62, after a nearly 4-year battle with melanoma. Doctors gave him 6 months; God gave him 3 1/2 more. I'm glad, because it was during those "extra" 3 1/2 years that I got to know him.

Lou was one of the humblest people I've ever known. He was a brilliant engineer, earning the Outstanding Technical Achievement Award for career contributions to highway safety in 1996. He was the project manager for the design and construction of our church's worship center. His designs for safer roads were picked up by Chinese engineers who found Lou on the internet and came over to the US to meet him. His career spanned 36 years. Despite his accomplishments, he moved about quietly and selflessly.

Lou loved our church and her people well. As the deacon in charge of facility care, he gave generously of his time whenever we had a problem. "Call Lou," I would often say to our office staff when things went wrong. He would drop everything and come solve the problem. He was so proud when we dedicated our new worship center, and we were all proud of him. He was equally generous with his money, because he loved the King and his kingdom.

I will miss him very much. WE will miss him very much. Yet his life and labors will continue to shape generations of people to the glory of God.

Thank you, Lou.


Flexpert said...

Lou was a wonderful man. Although he accomplished so much in his life, I am sure he would say he was proudest of being Joan's husband and Marc and Jack's dad. I kept hoping he would beat this battle, but I guess God needed him more for some heavenly highways that will help others find the way home.
Doris Bloodsworth

KarlK said...

Well said, Mike. He is a wonderful man.