Thursday, February 19, 2009

Go Danny

Yes, my wife and I watch American Idol. I probably shouldn't, but I do. And I've already picked my winner this season: Danny Gokie from Milwaukee. He's a worship leader in a church. Not only do I like his voice, but he just strikes me as a good man, somebody you'd like to know. Sadly, his wife died a month or so before the auditions started.

Two of the three people who "made it through" last night were my wife's and my picks: Danny and Alexis Grace.

I'm glad Tatiana is heading home!


Matthaeus Flexibilis said...

I haven't been following this season, but Anna happened to flip to it last night when they were about to announce the winner. Or rather, when they were about to drag out announcing the winner over a couple commercial breaks.

I didn't know anything about the two people standing there other than what I had learned in the previous 10 minutes, but when they finally opened the envelope, I was more sad for Tatiana, who was openly rejected and had her dreams crushed on national television, than I was happy for the guy.

I guess somebody has to lose, but still, the way they do it seems like the emotional equivalent of a bloody gladiatorial battle to the death.

Mike said...

Yes, I'm not a fan of the way they're announcing each week's winners this season. It means that only 3 people out of 12 get to go forward, and the other 9 have to sit there the whole time and watch. Tatiana was especially sad. She was made to wait until the very end, no doubt because the TV producers knew she would keep the audience glued to their sets.