Sunday, February 01, 2009

What I'm listening to...

Mindy Smith

I really like her latest record, Long Island Shores. Her melodies are simple but lovely to listen to. She has this plaintive voice that is clear and passionate.

One of my favorite songs on the record is "Little Devil." It's a compelling description of how Satan wrecks our lives:

He pulls me in, tears me down
Chews me up just to spit me out

He holds me close like he's my best friend

When I open up he steals everything

And he's gone again

I thought he'd have two big horns

And look at me with big red eyes

Instead he wore those baby blues

And whispered promises and lies

Oh you little devil

You got so pretty, you little fool

Oh how he loves to watch me fall

He doesn't know I've already lost it all

He steals everything and he's gone again

The worship band of my church performed another song from that record, "Out Loud," as the offertory this morning. Amanda Noel, the wife of our worship director Jonathan Noel, sang it. She has a voice that is just as good as Mindy Smith's.

Or Sarah McLachlan's, for that matter.

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