Thursday, April 16, 2009

A daily devotion I'm using

If you want to get a good daily devotion via email, here's one I found that I really enjoy: "The High Calling of Our Daily Work". When you go to that website, you'll see that you can sign up either for a daily reflection (that's what I get) or a "weekly calling." Currently, the daily reflection is based on the book of Romans.

These daily reflections are the work of Dr. Mark D. Roberts, formerly the senior pastor of Irvine Presbyterian Church in Irvine, CA. His bio says that he's now the Senior Director and Theologian in Residence of Laity Lodge in Kerrville, TX. Roberts got his Ph.D. in New Testament and Christian Origins from Harvard. He also teaches at Fuller Seminary.

Each daily devotion consists of a Scripture passage (with a link to the NLT), a short reading by Dr. Roberts, some questions for reflection, and a prayer. The readings are practical expositions of the passage.

If you're in need of a resource to help you grow in Christ, try it out.

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