Friday, July 17, 2009

A good book on leading change...

Who Killed Change? by Ken Blanchard and John Britt.

If you're wondering how to introduce change in your team, company, church, or other organization and don't want to wade through a long, boring book, try this one. It's written in the style of a whodunit, and it took me just a couple hours to read.

It's pretty funny too. You'll follow Agent Mike McNally as he tries to solve the murder of a guy named Change at a company called ACME. The suspects include Carolina Culture, Aidan Accountability, Peter Performance Management, Perry Plan, and my personal favorite - Bailey Budget.

It's entertaining, but there's a lot of wisdom here. At the end of the book is a concise summary of what a leader needs to do to lead change. A couple of my biggest takeaways:
  • Create dialogue, not one-way communication, with those being asked to change. Find out their concerns, hear their questions, consider their ideas.
  • Include lots of people in the planning process. Include those who might be resistant to change.
  • Spend money on infrastructure before implementing change.
  • Help people see what is wrong with the status quo. "Frame the change in terms of a cause that is motivating."
  • Know the culture in which you're trying to introduce change. Identify things in the culture of the church or organization that could inhibit change.
I won't tell you who killed Change.

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