Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Back in the office

Well, sabbatical 2009 has come to an end. At least, the greater portion of it.

I was given a 5-week sabbatical from my senior pastor duties, and four of those weeks are over. Later this month, I'll attend The Story Workshop at the Mars Hill Graduate School in Seattle. I came back to the office today, to be greeted by these amazing works of "art" by some of my beloved colleagues on the staff. My office door was entirely covered by a stupid picture I'd taken of myself to show off my new haircut. And if that weren't enough, in my office these same friends had hung smaller versions of that picture from my ceiling!

Thanks for the love, guys!

Here are a few of my favorite sabbatical experiences...
  • Favorite fun: Two weeks at Crescent Beach, FL, with my amazing family
  • Favorite book: Probably Deliberate Simplicity, by Dave Browning
  • Favorite restaurant: Cap's on the Water, St. Augustine
  • Favorite movie: The Hurt Locker
  • Favorite news: My younger daughter is pregnant!
  • Favorite Sunday morning service: Seven Rivers Presbyterian Church in Lecanto
  • Favorite time with grandkids: Putt-putt with Tyler and Eben
  • Favorite exercise: running on the beach
  • Favorite date: celebrating my 33rd wedding anniversary with Suzy
  • Favorite milk shake: Chick Fil-A peach
  • Favorite sandwich: New Yorker at McAlister's in Ocala
  • Favorite new music: Sara Bareilles
  • Favorite lesson learned: Slow down and focus


Mark Bates said...

Beautiful! You know they haven't worked at all since you left, right? While the cat's away. . .

Ruthie Delk said...

I just want to know how your office smelled.

Mike said...

Ruthie - at some point Jonathan decided the smell was way too strong, so he opened up the window, turned on the fan, and covered up the "air freshener" before I got there!

Your son is quite the co-conspirator!!

Ruthie said...

He got that from David, I'm sure!