Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Seattle Day 1

I flew out of Orlando at 7:30 AM today bound for Seattle, to begin the last piece of my sabbatical. Tomorrow is the first day of "The Story Workshop" at Mars Hill Graduate School. It's a workshop based on the book by Dan Allender entitled To Be Told: Know Your Story, Shape Your Future.

Hopefully the rest of my time in Seattle won't be the disaster today was. For one thing, my baggage didn't show up at the Seattle airport. That's never happened to me before. I think I know what happened. I flew American Airlines from Orlando to Miami, changed planes and flew Alaska Airlines from Miami to Seattle. I think the Alaska folks dropped the pass from American at MIA. So I'm still waiting for a call from Alaska Airlines saying "We've found your bags!" So far, I haven't heard from them.

Another thing that happened: The hotel didn't have a record of my reservation. I had reserved a room at a Best Western hotel in Seattle through I think I know where that name "Cheap" came from. Somebody at forgot to let the Best Western folks know I needed a place to stay. Thankfully, after a phone call to the Cheap guys and a long time being put on hold, I got it straightened out. I'm writing this in my room... and they have free WiFi!

My son Michael came here with me. He's going to check out the city while I'm slaving away in the workshop each day. We'll be here until Monday.

I'm looking forward to the workshop because it will help me take a closer look at the themes that God has written into my life and be more purposeful with my life in the future. I'm also hoping that my story can help others understand and share their stories.

I'll post an update each day I'm in Seattle. Pray they'll find my luggage.

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orangejack said...

sorry about the bags. I hate that.

If you get a chance, go eat at Ivar's Salmon House, 401 NE Northlake Way, Seattle. Best salmon I've ever had.