Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas decorating

I finally got around to putting our lights up on the house for Christmas. I'm always the last one on my cul-de-sac to do this. One of my neighbors had his house all decked out before Thanksgiving. Suzy and I typically seem to wait until Christmas is two weeks (or less) away. I doubt we would decorate our house at all were it not for the fact that we host a couple of Christmas parties in our house every year! Well, that's not true. I would keep putting it off, but eventually I would get around to it.

I have great memories of Christmas during my childhood - until I went away to college. That's when my parents did what I'm doing now... slacking off.

It had been a great tradition for my dad and my brother to go out together and chop down a Christmas tree on some property Dad's company owned out in the country. I was sad when he no longer wanted to do that. But I can understand it now. A few years ago, Suzy and I did the unthinkable: we bought a fake tree.

I knew my parents were really getting older when they didn't even bother to put up a fake Christmas tree. Instead, they bought a dinky little 6" thing and put it on a table.

Please, if I ever do that, hit me over the head.

This year we went in with all our neighbors and bought luminaries to benefit the local school PTA. You can see a few of them in this picture. Seeing every house in the neighborhood displaying their luminaries was pretty cool.

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