Friday, October 01, 2010

Edge of Darkness

Edge of Darkness is Mel Gibson's latest movie. He plays Thomas Craven, a Boston homicide detective whose daughter gets caught up in a convoluted, deadly plot to expose a corporation for what it really is. It's a story of cover-up, conspiracy, and government complicity in making this world a scary place.

It's not an easy movie to watch, for several reasons. For one thing, with all the unfavorable news out there about Gibson (e.g., racist rants, abuse allegations, etc.), it felt to me that the anger he displays in this movie is a bit too real. He goes after people with a vengeance. It's understandable, given what his character has to deal with. I'm just saying you can't avoid drawing a connection between reality and cinema. In addition, it's a violent movie with lots of people getting blown away. That's why it's rated R for strong, bloody violence and language. You have been forewarned.

Oh, and another, annoying reason I found Edge of Darkness hard to watch is that I could barely understand the dialogue at several key points, particularly when Ray Winstone was on screen as Jedburgh. Maybe it was everyone's Boston accent, but I had to turn on the English subtitles on my TV. I wonder, why don't movie directors tell actors to enunciate?!

On the other hand, there's a strong, positive message here about the role of father as protector and lover of his children. There's also redemption, as we see a father-daughter relationship restored and past mistakes forgiven. In contrast to a betraying friend, a greedy corporate lawyer, a conniving senator, and other unsavory characters, Thomas Craven is someone with values of justice and mercy.

If only he walked humbly with his God (Micah 6:8). The only answer to injustice this movie provides is to point a gun and pull the trigger.

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