Thursday, September 01, 2011

Ten things I am tired of

I could do without one more instance of the following:
  • The word "awwwwww" in responses to my Facebook status updates
  • Advertising slogans that string together three words divided by periods (examples:, blah.blah.blah)
  • TV commercials for Progressive car insurance
  • Songs by Bread
  • TV commercials for Free Credit Report
  • Anything Kardashian
  • "I Can Only Imagine"
  • The word "app"
  • The word "woot"
  • Dog throw-up
There are more, but those are the big ones.


kristinwithani said...

You still make me laugh.

Oh, how I miss the UPC family.

karin said...

This list made me so happy! Especially because you made a list of 10 things and then chose to use bullet points instead of numbering.

I have particular disdain for "woot"

Cheryl said...

I was going to respond with "awwwww" - but then . . . ;)

Mark Bates said...

Songs by Bread!?! What radio station are you listening to? Is your radio caught in a time warp? As a Guitar Man, I thought you would be all over that. If a Picture Can Paint a Thousand Words, then why don't we just show pictures and make our sermons shorter? Plus, their songs are a great reminder of why you should never stoop in another persons diary.
Hope all is well in O-Town.

Lane Cohee said...

Confucious say...he who posts pics of grandkids all the time better hope people write "awwww"

Vic said...

Mike as a former owner of the Best of Bread in 8-track format, I must disagree with your assessment of their songs. That 8 track was borrowed more often by high school friends on date night than any other album I owned. I think you under estimate the power of Bread! If a picture paints a thousand words, why can't I paint you?