Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day of Prayer

I've begun a new practice.

I hesitate to claim a lot of success, because I'm only two months into this. But on the third Tuesday of each month I get away from the office and the house and spend the day praying, reading, reflecting, and writing. Both times so far I drove an hour or so to Cocoa Beach, where I hung out at a picnic table in a park. Both days were beautiful, but the park was practically deserted. The weather was just perfect.

At this park there's a boardwalk to the beach. So after several hours alone at the picnic table I walked the beach and prayed. I found it a perfect retreat for prayer and solitude. The ocean reminds me of God's vast grace and power - the perfect incentive to prayer. As the summer approaches the beach will be too crowded and hot, so I'll have to find another place to spend the day.