Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Things Christians say

Some time back I posted a plea for plain speaking. I also once complained about Christian cliches in a post called The problem I have with Twitter. I continue to believe that one of the strangest things about us Christians is our specialized vocabulary. Surely it accounts for at least some of the disconnect between us and our non-believing neighbors.

So every week or two I've been tweeting a banned Christian phrase. Someone asked me to collect all my banned phrases in one place. So here's the list so far:

  • "hedge of protection"
  • "rethinking church"
  • "praise report"
  • "the center of God's will"
  • "love on"
  • "love well"
  • "Jesus is the reason for the season"
  • "God will never give you more than you can handle"
  • "God showed up"
  • "a God thing" 
Can you think of others?

To qualify as a banned Christian phrase, think of something Christians say a lot that either makes no sense to people outside the church, or is said merely because it's the cool, hip, trendy thing to say, or has appeared on sentimental framed prints in the local Christian bookstore for years...or is simply untrue.

If we want to impact our culture, let's use truthful and sensible words.


kristinwithani said...

"God showed up"

I clench my teeth every time someone says that and have to choose in my heart to not verbally explode. Really? Does that surprise you? He lives in you. He's everywhere. He always "shows up".

OK, rant over.

Nate Espino said...

"Used of God," "in a mighty way," and, of course, "used of God in a mighty way."